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Real Water

Want to drink the best water on the planet?  Now you can!  Real Water is stably enhanced in two very important ways.  First it is alkalized and second it is negatively ionized.  Drink what Angie and the AVP Tour drinks!  GET REAL!  Read more about the benefits of drinking Real Water at




Angie recently had her vision not only corrected, but perfected by Dr. Maloney.  "For too long I was bothered by poor vision.  I am so excited to finally have taken the plunge and have my eyes fixed.  I waited until I found the very best surgeon.  In  my sport, great vision is essential to success.  I no longer have to wear  bothersome contact lenses and worry about sand getting caught underneath them.  The dry and irritating contact lenses are now a thing of the past!  Thank you Dr. Maloney! "

Trimax Solutions Trimax Solutions

Trimax Solutions is proudly sponsoring Angie for a promising 2010 season.  Trimax Solutions is an IT Solution provider which specialises in Website Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Application Solutions as well as providing a range of automation and marketing services in order to help clients reduce their costs and increase their revenues.



Smack Sportswear - designing athletic swimwear that is durable, fashionable, sporty, and sexy.  You can find the suits that Angie wears online at


"Kaenon Polarized sunglasses are simply the best sunglasses available.  It is important to protect your eyes from the sun and sand and Kaenon offers the very best protection with so many stylish pairs to choose from.  Try Kaenon and see the difference for yourself!"


LEVEL 10 FITNESS LA - "Get out of your comfort zone!" - Level 10 is a unique gym that offers  the highest quality of health and fitness services available in the South Bay. Level 10 is like no other fitness facility; it’s a home for you to train intelligently and use their expertise to help you reach your fitness goals. Level 10 provides a revolutionary workout for small group training in a fun, unique environment.


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