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Warrior's Promise Foundation - The Warrior's Promise Foundation is a non-profit organization with the charter of providing support to the United States military community in need at the grass roots level.  Our intent is to interface with various military organizations, reviewing their needs and desires, then provide funding at the individual level to those who are truly in need.  Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for members of the United States military community. 


 South of the Border Volleyball Vacations - "It's tough to improve on Paradise...unless you get to play some volleyball with a bunch of friends while you are there!"  This will be my third year going to Ixtapa, Mexico as the Pro on this vacation.  It is the time of your life.  Join me and my friends for week 2 in paradise!


Splits 59  - Splits 59 is more than a women’s activewear company started by triathletes; it’s an attitude. It’s a flat out refusal to settle for good enough and a burning desire to push harder, go further and be stronger. This attitude is reflected in our entire collection, which lives at the intersection of fitness and fashion. With sleek silhouettes and performance enhancing fabrics, these clothes work as hard as you do. They are pieces that go the distance... just like you.    

Leda Atomica  

Leda Atomica- This up-and-coming band ROCKS! Check it out for yourself!

Michelle Lovitt, MA in Exercise Physiology, BS in Sports Nutrition, CSCS and USWF Club Coach - - If you are looking for a one-on-one personal trainer, with endless energy and motivation, Michelle is one of the best around. Check out her articles in Shape Magazine, Lucky Magazine, and Volleyball Magazine. She works with professional athletes, celebrities, and anyone looking to improve. Trust me; you won't get bored with Michelle!

Ultimate Transformation Training  

Ultimate Transformations Training - - If you are looking for a group workout tailored to exactly what you need, (sports specific, weight loss, or just to stay in shape) this is the workout for you. It reminds me of being in college again. With people from all walks of life, this "family" environment is supportive, inspirational, and motivational. You will not only improve your body, you will improve your mind!

Karen Akers  

Karen Akers - - Karen Akers, one of America's most arresting and successful concert and cabaret stars, has performed throughout the United States, Europe and the former Soviet Union. She has appeared in many prestigious venues worldwide from Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, New York's Oak Room at the Algonquin Hotel, and London's Pizza on the Park. Her career also includes three performances at the White House. Just because she is my mother-in-law doesn't mean I am biased! She is truly amazing! Check out her website!


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