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2010 Review

2010 brought about many challenges; 21 tournaments in 14 different countries on 4 continents and 130,000 United Airlines miles flown.  It sounds like a Christmas carol.  Add in there the collapse of the AVP and you have a recipe for chaos.  On paper, the travel looked insane, but actually having to do it all was ludicrous.  The jet lag, exhaustion, up and down results, bankruptcy of the AVP, and accumulating list of injuries added to the frustration.    But one thing is for sure: it was a "learning year."  Having a "learning year" leading up to the start of Olympic Qualification is never a bad thing.  I will tell you what I learned.  First, flying from California to China to Italy to Korea and back to California back-to-back weeks is not a good thing to do when you are trying to compete at your highest level and/or sleep.  Arriving at a Grand Slam half-way across the world, a day ahead of competition is not a good thing to do.  Forgetting ...
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  1. Re: Silver Medal in Seoul

    you looks so suit.can u send me some your best pictures


  2. Re: Latest Update! are an inspiration

    --Sweet James

  3. Re: Santa Barbara AVP, Here We Come!

    You go GIRLS!

    --Mad Max

  4. Re: Welcome to my new site!

    You're new site looks great, i love it!


  5. Re: Fort Lauderdale - Update

    Hi Angie, you are an inspiration!


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