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Next Stop: Seoul

I have to admit, I was very sad to leave Rome.  In the short 2 weeks that I was there, I fell in love with the city.
The tournament was held at a beautiful location just north of the downtown area at the Stadio Olympico.  We stayed at the dorms in the training center. 
We were disappointed in our result, a 9th place finish, but like everything in life, you must learn from every situation and experience.  We hope to make better on that result in Korea. 

When in Rome....

Hello everyone!  I am back at the computer!  China, Shanghai specifically, is a bit difficult for communication because Facebook and Twitter are banned.  Internet works, but you have to be in your room at the computer to use it and I did not spend much time there. 

Tyra and I finished 5th place in Shanghai.  It was a solid start to the FIVB tour for us.  We are anxious to do better.  We flew straight to Rome from Shanghai so that we would have a week here to act like tourists. 

Latest Update!

Hello everyone.

This is Jeremy (Angie's husband) filling in for her today because she has limited internet access and a tight schedule while on the road. Angie and Tyra are over in Shanghai, China competing in their first FIVB tournament of the 2010 season.

The long flight from LA to Shanghai allowed Angie to put the disappointment from last week's AVP event in Santa Barbara behind her and refocus her attention to the task at hand. It definitely worked, because she and Tyra came out firing and played some determined volleyball on the first day of competition.

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  1. Re: Silver Medal in Seoul

    you looks so suit.can u send me some your best pictures


  2. Re: Latest Update! are an inspiration

    --Sweet James

  3. Re: Santa Barbara AVP, Here We Come!

    You go GIRLS!

    --Mad Max

  4. Re: Welcome to my new site!

    You're new site looks great, i love it!


  5. Re: Fort Lauderdale - Update

    Hi Angie, you are an inspiration!


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