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Santa Barbara AVP, Here We Come!

Next up, Santa Barbara!  The season is here and this coming weekend will kick off what will be a very busy summer.  From SB you can follow us around the world while we compete on the FIVB International Tour in Shanghai, Rome, and Seoul before coming back to California for the Huntington Beach AVP event. 

We had a great week of training and we are HUNGRY to get out there and compete!  I want my first big win and I want it NOW!  Come cheer us on! 

I hope to see you at the beach!


Fort Lauderdale - Update

Fort Lauderdale was a fantastic event!  What a great way to start off the 2010 season!  2nd place and LIVE on ESPN2!  Tyra and I started the event with some jitters.  We lost in the third round and had to battle back one match at a time.  We played 4 matches each day and felt stronger and stronger as the tournament went on.

Welcome to my new site!

"Welcome to my new site!  This year I will be updating you frequently as I
travel all around the world during the 2010 AVP and FIVB

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  1. Re: Silver Medal in Seoul

    you looks so suit.can u send me some your best pictures


  2. Re: Latest Update! are an inspiration

    --Sweet James

  3. Re: Santa Barbara AVP, Here We Come!

    You go GIRLS!

    --Mad Max

  4. Re: Welcome to my new site!

    You're new site looks great, i love it!


  5. Re: Fort Lauderdale - Update

    Hi Angie, you are an inspiration!


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