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Angie Akers - born Angela Marie Harris
Date of Birth - June 30, 1976
Place of Birth - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Nationality - American
Profession - Professional Beach Volleyball Player
Height - 6’0


University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, Indiana USA
Bachelor of Arts - Sociology

Angie's Favorites Minimize

Food: Sushi, Seafood, Greens, Wine 
Movies: Gladiator, Life is Beautiful, The English Patient, Happy Gilmore, Little Miss Sunshine, Tombstone, and Garden State
TV Shows: Modern Family, 30 Rock, The Office, Glee, Entourage, Rescue Me
Actors: Joaquin Phoenix, Cate Blanchett, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kate Winslet, Sean Penn
Musicians or Bands: Dave Matthews Band, Leda Atomica, Muse, Coldplay
Restaurants: Hamasaku in West Los Angeles, Paul Martin's Bistro, Mom's House!
Color: Blue and Gold (GO IRISH!)
Athlete: Seabiscuit (if a horse can count - read the book and you will know why), LeBron James
Books: Seabiscuit, The Harry Potter Series, Water for Elephants, Life of Pi, The Kite Runner, The Da Vinci Code
Vacation Spot: Ixtapa in Mexico, the Whitsundays in Australia, Hawaii, Thailand
Season: Summer
Sports Teams: Notre Dame Football
Hobbies: Reading, movies, hiking, games...

Fun Facts Minimize
  • Angie once squatted 295 lbs, 13 times.
  • Angie ran the Boston Marathon in 3 hours and 24 minutes. That is a 7:48 mile pace.
  • Angie appeared on the MTV show NEXT.  She pounded volleyballs at the male contestants competing for a date with a girl.
  • Angie was cast as a “distracter” on the Comedy Central Show DISTRACTION. She wore a bikini and pounded volleyballs at contestants while they answered questions.
  • Angie is married to former NFL and XFL lineman, Jeremy Akers.
  • Angie was cast as an Indian in the Ice Capades when she was 5 years old.
  • Angie grew up in Indiana. Her Junior High graduating class only had 16 students. Three other students were also named Angie.
  • Angie once scored 46 points in a high school basketball game.
  • Disney’s Fox and the Hound makes Angie cry.
  • Angie was a Series 7 licensed General Securities Representative and worked at Lehman Brothers in San Francisco.

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